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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

12 Top Marketers Offer YOU Their Best Gifts

Some of the top marketers around have got together to give
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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Creating An Online Turnkey Business Website

Within this article today, we'll look at ways that you can work on creating an online turnkey business website. When you are looking at creating an online turnkey business website, the initial development will take more time than with a standard website but it will pay off with big dividends in the end for you. We will look at what types of software you possibly want to use or look for as well as an example of a possible online turnkey business website.

The first key when creating an online turnkey business website is software. Using and buying software helps create efficiencies that you will need in creating an online turnkey business website. If you have a newsletter and people sign up for it, you will want an email system in place which incorporates autoresponders. A good example of an email autoresponder software is Response Magic. This autoresponder is expensive. Take some time to look at this website and see if if this can work for you.

Other ways to help in bringing traffic to your website and in creating an online turnkey business website would be buying leads from an email marketing firm. If you do this, you can let the autoresponders and other software in place handle the leads so that you can continue to buy leads and have sales conversions occur. Remember that one of the main keys in working on creating an online turnkey business website is to make sure that you are using as much software as possible so that the process is automated. Most of this paragraph has emphasized the fact that you need auto responders. Without this, you would have to manually write each e-mail and this would be a huge waste of your time. For a great source of both an autoresponder and leads package all in one check out TrafficOasis

Another good example of creating an online turnkey business website would be creating an affiliate program. When you're doing this, all of the information should be set up ahead of time so that once your affiliate is able to successfully close a sale, the person who wants to buy the product is sent automatically to your landing page. This would be a great example of creating an online turnkey business website because you'd only need a landing page, a download page for the product, and a thank you page. There would be nothing that would be done on your end as far as marketing the websites or anything like that. If you promoted products using as well as affiliate, you would be very well set up in creating an online turnkey business website.

Hopefully this article on creating an online turnkey business website will help you. There's a great deal of information that can be found on this on the Internet but take your time in setting up a website ahead of time because using software and buying leads can lead to constant profits for you.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Proven MLM Success Secrets Finally Revealed

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Sunday, July 15, 2007


1. The word "FREE" is still the most powerful - the most often
used word in advertising today! If you have anything to offer
FREE to others, you can use this powerful word! It pulls orders
better than any other word! Here's some ways to use it:

2. ONE thing FREE when you buy Another! This can be the way to get
people to order from you! A second one is FREE, with the
purchase of the first!

3. Buy 2 - get the third FREE! This can be used to get MORE and
LARGER orders! Giving away ONE, with the purchase of two others!

4. Fourth FREE, with purchase of Three! Tire stores and Publishers
offer a 4th FREE, when you buy Three others at regular price!

5. FREE "Trial Size"! Give away one that's smaller than usual,
hoping that people will LIKE what you give them, and want to buy

6. FREE Bed frame, with purchase of A King Set! Lots of mattress
stores use this type of ad! Offering some sort of "premium"
FREE with purchase!

7. FREE Introductory Class! This usually is offered with purchase
of a Computer; Microwave oven; etc. (Free Memberships in clubs,

8. Use it FREE for 30 days! Allow people to use something; to use
your product or service, FREE, for a limited time! (Enticing
them to order!)

9. FREE Service with each purchase! This is used often by Pizza
companies, and cleaning services. Free delivery; Free Folding;

10. FREE Interest for 3 months! Many loan companies and others
offer this to entice customers to buy from them! It's delaying
something for a time!

11. Fast service, or it's FREE! It's Hot, or it's Free! (7-11
offers Hot coffee). Denny's says "10 Minutes, or it's FREE!"
Customers come to see!

12. 2nd Topping is FREE, with purchase of a Large Pizza! That about
says it all! (Free Extras; Free Colors; Free Inks; No extra
charge at Printers!!)

13. FREE Details! This is used by a LOT of advertisers, who sell
products by mail! Let 'em know you'll send information FREE,
just to write and ask!

14. Buy 2 ads, get a 3rd (or 4th) FREE! This is another way to get
Long Term advertisers! They get FREE ads, with every 3rd or 4th
they buy.

15. FREE Commission Circulars! Many Prime Sources are willing to
offer you FREE circulars (some for postage) to obtain dealers!
Free Dealer Info!!

16. FREE Typesetting, with purchase of an ad! Publishers offer this
FREE service to obtain new advertisers! (Why pay extra for it,
if it's FREE?)

17. FREE Catalog! Many companies send out Catalogs FREE to anyone
who writes and asks for one! More sales result! (Free Downline

18. FREE Sample Copy! Some companies will be willing to send you
ONE FREE to entice you to buy more later! (Free Cassette; Free
Introductory Video, etc!)

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Friday, July 13, 2007

So Many Affiliate Programs! Which One Do I Choose?

So, you want to become an Affiliate Marketer. With so many programs out there, where do you start? Here some tips to help you decide.

Ask questions first before you join an affiliate program. Do a little research about the choices of program that you intend to join into. Get some answers because they will be the deciding point of what you will be achieving later on.

Will it cost you anything to join? Most affiliate programs being offered today are absolutely free of charge. So why settle for those that charge you some dollars before joining. (See 3 Step Secret)

When do they issue the commission checks? Every program is different. Some issue their checks once a month, every quarter, etc. Select the one that is suited to your payment time choice. Many affiliate programs are setting a minimum earned commission amount that an affiliate must meet or exceed in order for their checks to be issued.




Success University

What is the hit per sale ratio? This is the average number of hits to a banner or text link it takes to generate a sale based on all affiliate statistics. This factor is extremely important because this will tell you how much traffic you must generate before you can earn a commission from the sale.

How are referrals from an affiliate’s site tracked and for how long do they remain in the system? You need to be confident on the program enough to track those people you refer from your site. This is the only way that you can credit for a sale. The period of time that those people stay in the system is also important. This is because some visitors do not buy initially but may want to return later to make the purchase. Know if you will still get credit for the sale if it is done some months from a certain day.

What are the kinds of affiliate stats available? Your choice of affiliate program should be capable of offering detailed stats. They should be available online anytime you decide to check them out. Constantly checking your individual stats is important to know how many impressions, hits and sales are already generated from your site. Impressions are the number of times the banner or text link was viewed by a visitor of your site. A hit is the one clicking on the banner or text links.

Does the affiliate program also pay for the hits and impressions besides the commissions on sales? It is important that impressions and hits are also paid, as this will add to the earnings you get from the sales commission. This is especially important if the program you are in offers low sales to be able to hit ratio.

Who is the online retailer? Find out whom you are doing business with to know if it is really a solid company. Know the products they are selling and the average amount they are achieving. The more you know about the retailer offering you the affiliate program, the easier it will be for you to know if that program is really for you and your site.

Is the affiliate a one tier or two tier program? A single tier program pays you only for the business you yourself have generated. A two tier program pays you for the business, plus it also pays you a commission on the on the sales generated by any affiliate you sponsor in your program. Some two-tier programs are even paying small fees on each new affiliate you sponsor. More like a recruitment fee.

See TrafficOasis

Lastly, what is the amount of commission paid? 20% - 80% (and some cases, 100%!) is the commission paid by most programs. .01% - .05% is the amount paid for each hit. If you find a program that also pays for impressions, the amount paid is not much at all. As you can see from the figures, you will now understand why the average sales amount and hit to sale ratio is important.

These are just some of the questions you need to answer first before you enter into an affiliate program. You should be familiar with the many important aspects that your chosen program should have before incorporating them into your website. Try to ask your affiliate program choices these questions. These can help you select the right program for you site from among the many available.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How to get JV Partners to Maximize your Sales

Its no secret that JVs (joint ventures) and
cross promotions are one of the most productive
ways to make high volumes of sales on the

Today I want to talk about why they work so
well, and how you can make the most of them to
explode your online income.

Traditionally, JVs are most common between two
people who have created a product and are
selling it online. But that needn't be the case
and I will tell you shortly of a way in which
you can get all the benefits, traffic and sales
of a JV without even having a product of your

But first lets look at the principals of it:
What actually happens in a JV cross-promotion?

Webites promote other websites for two main

1. To earn income from commission sales.

2. To pay, or earn, favors.

The first of these you might expect, the second
is more intricate.

You see, when you're running an online business,
your options and your growth are restricted if
you try doing it all on your own.

Sure, there's pay-per-click advertising, article
marketing, traffic exchangers, and a variety of
ways you can draw traffic to your site by paying
for it.

But nothing beats personal recommendation.

Its human nature: We all prefer to buy through
personal recommendation than by enticing

And JV's, or cross-promotions are all about
personal recommendation.

The only thing is - as every super-affiliate
knows - even if you're offering attractive
commission rates, the site that's getting
promoted always gets more out of the deal than
the JV partner who's doing the promoting. Look
at this comparision:

The JV partner doing the promotion gets:

1. A 'notional' favour from the site it
2. Commission payments, hopefully paid in good
time but always at the discretion of the site

The site being promoted gets:

1. Lots of new list members
2. Lots of Sales
3. Lots of recognition

Which would you rather?

Can you see now why the benefit isn't split
evenly in a JV deal?

This is one of the reasons why it is more
difficult than many people think to get JV
partners promoting for you.

No matter how attractive your commission
percentages are, you will always be getting more
out of the deal than your JV partner. Especially
if your landing page is a list-building squeeze

But there is an option available. Especially if
your aim is to build a list.

You could run a MyViralSpiral site.

MyViralSpiral is a webserver script that gives
you a complete solution for building a list and
a business online.

One of its features is that it turns the above
JV example on its head to provide more of a win-
win for both parties. Here's what you can do
with it:

As a listbuilder, you can offer a squeeze page
for your JV partner to promote. He then sends
his list to the squeeze page, where they sign up
to your list. Then, this is when it gets

Your JV partner can decide which offer page his
signups are directed to after signup.

Gone is the traditional method whereby once his
leads have signed up to you they're yours, to
direct wherever you like. With MVS, your JV
partner can choose what to show them *after*
they've joined your list...

It might be to his own product, or an affiliate
link somewhere else - or he may choose to use
his affiliate link for your product (in keeping
with the normal method).

The point is, your JV partner has more say about
who benefits from his promotion and how. And
that kind of power makes all the difference when
it comes to getting others to promote for you,
and build your list.

This is one of many characterisics of
MyViralSpiral that make it well worth a good
look if you want to start building JV


Friday, July 06, 2007

You need to create Multiple Streams of Income! You hear that alot when you are a struggling Internet Marketer. Well that's all fine and dandy if you know how to do it.

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Using a Website to Market Your Business

There are many different ways to advertise your business on the Internet. Placing banner ads, orchestrating an email marketing campaign and tactfully mentioning your business on industry related forums and message boards are just a few of the popular options for Internet marketing.

Another Internet marketing strategy involves creating and advertising a website to promote your business. You can use your website in a number of ways. Some of these ways include providing more information about your business and the products or services you offer, letting potential customers know how to reach you and even selling your products and services via the website. This article will highlight the advantages of using a website to market your business and will outline some of the ways the website can be useful.

One great advantage to using a website to market your business on the Internet is that you can place descriptions and photos of the products or services your business offers. This is important because many consumers use the Internet when researching products and services. Having an online presence gives your business an advantage over the competition because consumers are much more likely to select your products or services over the products and services offered by your competitors who do not advertise online.

Another advantage to marketing your business online is you can use the website to not only market but also sell your products directly. Again this can give you an edge over the direct competition. Consumers who use the Internet to research products and services are often very anxious to make their purchases. They would be more inclined to select a retailer or service provider who offers the opportunity to purchase products or services online over a retailer or service provider who only allows for purchase in a store or via phone.

Still another advantage to using a website to market your business is the ability to reach a large, worldwide audience. The Internet essentially knows no boundaries and advertising on a website means the business owner can reach competitors around the world instead of being limited to their general location, such as television, radio and print media may be.

Another advantage to using a website to market your business is the Internet is available 24 hours a day around the world. This essentially offers you a storefront which is open 24 hours a day. While your competitors may be limited to their regular business hours, your website will enable you to reach your customers at any hour of the day. This is especially important for reaching potential customers in other time zones and for reaching customers in your own area who are simply too busy to shop for products or services like the ones you offer during regular business hours. Many potential customers work long hours and appreciate the ability to research and shop online after hours.

One final advantage to using a website to market your business is you can actually generate a profit from your website in other ways than through sales to customers. You can also use your website to generate income by selling advertising space to other business owners who are marketing their own products and services on the Internet.

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