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Saturday, June 30, 2007

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

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List Bandit

Thursday, June 21, 2007

As you may know, viral marketing is exploding. Anyone who is in internet marketing or has a homebased/online business knows the power viral marketing has in driving traffic (by traffic, I mean real visitors, not visitors generated from popoup or pop under windows) to your website.

How does this happen? One person tells another
person, that person, tells 5 more. Those 5 people
each tell 5 other people, and this process
continues until finally, everybody knows.

Viral marketing works exactly the same way.
If you tell just 5 people about your website,
and those 5 each tell 5 more, 5 becomes 25,
becomes 125, becomes 625, becomes 3125,
becomes 15625 and it keeps multipliying. Just like one cent
will eventually turn into $10 Million Dollars if you
double it for 30 days.

See how the Power of Viral Marketing works in
making your website a success.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

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Viral Marketing Giveaway

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Is Internet Marketing Working For You?

Determining whether or not your Internet marketing campaign is working for you is a very important part of the advertising process. This is so important because while there is a great deal of Internet marketing which can be done without a great deal of expense, other types of Internet marketing do have financial costs associated with them. Also, in both cases there is a time and energy burden to orchestrating the Internet marketing. For all of these reasons it is important for business owners to continuously evaluate their marketing techniques and strategies to determine what is working and what is not. This will help the business owner to focus his efforts on marketing strategies which are providing positive results as opposed to those which are either not providing results or are only providing lackluster results. This article will examine a few different marketing strategies as well as how business owners can evaluate the effectiveness of these strategies.

Affiliate marketing is certainly one of the most cost effective Internet marketing strategies available. This marketing strategy involves having other website owners known as affiliates post an advertisement on their websites to direct Internet traffic to your website. This marketing strategy is cost effective because in most cases the affiliate is only paid when he produces a desired result such as enticing an Internet user to click through the advertisement or to purchase a product or service once they click through the ad. While the business owner is only paying for the advertisement when it produces a desired effect, it is still worthwhile to evaluate the effectiveness of these ads to determine whether or not they are working well.

Fortunately affiliate marketing ads have a natural feedback mechanism which makes it easy to evaluate how well the ad is working. This feedback is provided in the form of code imbedded in the advertisement which specifies which affiliate generated the website visitors. This information is provided for the purposes of issuing payment to the affiliate but it can also provide the business owner with useful information on which affiliate ads are the most effective. This information is especially useful when the affiliates are posting different ads. The business owner may conclude the ads posted by the more successful affiliates are more appealing to potential customers and may opt to use this style of ad for all of their affiliates.

Business owners who use Internet marketing strategies such as posting on message boards to promote their business might want to consider asking customers to complete a short survey when making a purchase. This survey can include useful demographic information which is always helpful for marketing as well as information regarding where the customer learned of the products or services you offer. Including the message board web address as one of the responses will give you a good indication of whether or not the message boards are helping to drive customers to your website. You may also have some unofficial feedback in terms of the response to your postings on the message board. If the general consensus is in support of your posts, you may infer you are generating some interest in your business or website through this tactic.

Finally, an Internet marketing strategy can be evaluated by studying website traffic results as well as sales receipts. Anytime you implement a new Internet marketing strategy or technique it is worthwhile to study your website traffic reports and sales receipts carefully to determine whether or not there is a spike in either traffic or sales immediately after the marketing effort. For example, if you send out an e-newsletter to those who have requested additional information about your products or services, you may notice there is an increase in traffic or sales soon afterwards. This is a good indication the e-newsletter was well received and effective. However, if there is not a marked increase in traffic or sales subsequent to the e-newsletter it indicates the marketing effort was not effective.

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Internet Marketing 101

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy middle of the week to you!

With all the Business Opportunities on the net, you may be bombarded with "refer this and sell that". This is by far not another one of those. This is a top notch servIce. So you can call your friends and let them know it's OK, to come out! Your not going to be pushing anything on them. With this product you can afford to buy their love back!! Everyone who buys our product can choose their own personal level of participation.

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With our system:

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So What is THE Product?

As we said, it is simple and something you may have used at one time or another. It may have even lead you here. You may be using it already. You may have already seen it in action!

Text Advertising!

Earning with $3 Dollar Fortunes is Simple!
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Viral Ads are for marketing your product or opportunity to as many people on the Internet as possible with out spending a fortune on programs.

You receive emails everyday from people who send you Jokes or funny Pictures or a Video.

We at 3DollarFortunes have a system where you can take those items and sent it to one or hundreds of other people, and they will forward it to hundreds of people, Thus Viral Marketing..

Your URL or Links are tied directly into your Site ID.

The name that you choose when you signed up.

For example mine are:


make sure you are in lower case type,

you can sign in from this link to your back office and have your people sign up through this link. make sure, the top of the page has your name on it.
if someone signs up under the wrong person, it CAN NOT BE CHANGED.


This is the site you use to sell ads to customers, who may not want to be in on the affiliate side of the company. These people just want to use your service to promote their products or opportunities.


Your viral ad is the one that you use to promote what ever you are selling.
It may contain a picture, a text format, or a video that someone will forward to others to see. In the background is your web site; the opportunity that you want people to see.

Direct referrals and residual income questions.

What do I have to do to get my check(s)?

There are a few things you need to do in order for your commissions to be sent to you.

1. Make sure your correct mailing address is posted in your members back office.
2. If you are a US Citizen make sure your social security number is listed with us. (You will be receiving a 1099 at the end of the year if your commissions exceed $499).

How often to I get paid?

Commissions are totaled on the 5th of each month, for the period dating the first through the 31st of the preceding month.

When your commissions are equal to or greater than $20 for the preceding month,
from direct referrals or the companies forced matrix you will be issued a check.

You should receive your check within 14 business days. If you have not received your check and you did earn $20 or more in the preceding month, please notify us at and put "Commission" in the subject line.

Do I receive Commissions even if a don't promote My site?

You don't have to be a Master Marketer to turn a Profit.

Whether you Sell 100, 10, 5 or just 1 Ad you will be OK!

In our system you will Still Make Money!

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Have a great rest of the week!


P.S. This really is a inexpensive way to get maximum exposure for your business.