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Friday, January 19, 2007

Another Great Income Opportunity..Pre-Launch Alert
Have you got a minute....The countdown has begun

Got A minute?

That's all it takes to get your ads in front of
a warm, target audience!

Got a minute?

That's all it takes to start building your own
list 10 levels deep!

Got a minute?

That's all it takes to start earning commissions
of $78.80 per shot!

Got a Minute?

That's all it takes to enter our daily contest.
We have a winner everyday, and it could
be YOU!

1MinuteAds is in Pre Launch and you want
to get on it asap! Let your lists and your
downlines in on it and get them in right
under you!

Start 2007 off with a bang.

The lastest brain child of Phil Basten and
Jane Mark, of JPE Advertising, just hit the
net and you can be part of it in a New
York Minute.

Make sure you click the Video and hear
what Jane reveals about 1MinuteAds.

You'll get the entire picture in just 60
seconds. That is all it takes for you to
get set up at 1 Minute Ads.

Time is Money...

Start making yours today


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