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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!!! I have a free gift for you to start the new year off right! My gift provides some good advice regarding article marketing strategy.

As we know, one of the very best ways to get FREE advertising is by writing and gettng your articles distributed and published on the Internet.

Think about it...

Once you have an article written where YOU are the author, you become an instant authority. When people find your article, read it and get some good information from it, they appreciate you. That appreciation quickly grows into trust and when they click the link in your article resource box to visit your website, they will be much more likely to sign up with you in one of your recommended business opportunities or buy one of your recommended products.

Remember, the more links you get on quality websites pointing back to you, the more money you will make online.

It's really that simple.

Plus, once you get one of YOUR ARTICLE published on someone else's blog or website, that article and the links within it are probably going to remain there FOREVER. In fact, there are articles I distributed more than 7 years ago that are still pulling in traffic and profits to my website today and they will still be working for me 20 or more years from now... for FREE! Think long and hard about that...

Getting your articles published on other people's websites is 100% FREE advertising for life.

Click here for my free gift to you regarding article marketing. Enjoy!!


At 5:32 AM , Blogger PBX Solutions for Small Business said...

Hi Annie,

Although I appreciate the mention on your blog I would really love for you to point them to the main page and make more of a mention of if you going to give away something using our site as the host.


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