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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

5 Habitudes For Network Marketing:

1. Positive Belief in Network Marketing
"There's nothing you can do, or think, or say, that's as powerful as having an absolute, rock-solid, unshakable belief that this industry is the greatest opportunity ever!"

Robert Butwin

2. This Is A Great Company!
"You and your Network Marketing company are partners. If you don't love and respect your partner, you have no business being in business together."

Robert Butwin

3.Believe In Your Product
"What drives this business is word of mouth, the most powerful form of marketing in the world. If you don't love your products, you can't expect anyone else to care about them."

Robert Butwin

4. "I Will Succeed!"
"It only matters that you believe you will - and persist to take some action. With that powerful, positive attitude, formed into a mental habit, you'll find the "'How.'"

Robert Butwin

5. A Master of Show and Tell
"Just think about what kind of success you'll have if you teach your people how to outdo you!"

Robert Butwin


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